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Welcome to New Century Antiquarian Books

We are one of Australia's leading antiquarian booksellers, specialising in rare, unusual and important printed books, as well as manuscripts, ephemera, and historical art relating to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Antarctica.

New Century Antiquarian Books was established in 1995 by Jonathan Wantrup.

Jonathan Wantrup is the author of the standard collector's reference on rare Australian books (published in 1986) and an internationally recognised expert on the subject, well known to private, corporate and institutional collectors.

Our major areas of specialisation are:

  • Australian travel, discovery and exploration 1600-2000
  • Australian first edition literature 1800-2000
  • Australian children's books, etc 1800-2000
  • Rare, important and interesting Australiana, including ephemera, 1788-2000
  • Australian historical or literary manuscripts 1788-2000
  • Papua New Guinea under Australian administration (including discovery and early voyages)
  • Australian exploration and travel in Antarctica

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